THE BATMAN by Andy Fish

Well we're three weeks in to THE BATMAN: DEATH RAY OF HUGO STRANGE and so far so good.  This has been a fun and interesting experiment for me and I hope you've been getting something out of it too.

What this is intended to be is simply my version of Batman, set in the late 30s early 40s as Batman is just figuring out his ways.  I plan to continue this strip for the time being and you'll be seeing all of his major Rogues Gallery.

Here's the model sheet I'm using.
You'll notice a couple of things; Batman is carrying a sidearm--I'm referencing back to the earliest days of the strip when he used to carry a .45 automatic which makes sense.  He also often has his rope hanging on his belt and I've even given myself a challenge of what he actually carries in his belt.

He's also wearing more of a fencing outfit than tights and underpants-- that just seems more appealing to me.

The cowl itself is based on the early version from Detective Comics 27 as done by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

You'll note some additions to the cast, Captain Arnold was in the car with Commissioner Gordon, his only other appearance that I'm aware of was in the 1943 Columbia Pictures Serial THE BATMAN.  I like the character and he's going to serve as a sounding board for Commissioner Gordon.

I'm looking forward to getting more into Gordon too-- he's Bruce Wayne's friend and he is himself a former detective so if you think a little mask is going to keep him from knowing who Batman is you aren't giving the Commish enough credit.

Robin will be making an appearance soon, and so will Alfred.  In the actual Continuity we meet Gordon, then Wayne then Robin is introduced and finally Alfred comes along during WWII-- I'm going to alter that a little bit although when we do meet Alfred he will be Alfred Beagle and he might not look like you expect him to.

I'm going to bring in some other members of Batman's supporting cast and after THE DEATH RAY OF HUGO STRANGE completes I may try Batman in a different era.  Who knows, I may even do a version of Batman '66.

No matter where it goes it'll be fun to get there, and I hope you come along for the ride.