SUPERMAN RETURNS NEXT SUNDAY with the NEXT Thrilling Installment!

And don't forget to tune in the other day's of the week...

Mondays-- Aria and Sally offer a variety of comics.
Tuesdays-  Jim Riel is telling an epic story with ANALYSIS OF EVIL!
Wednesdays- We've got NEW an ALL NEW SUPERMAN Adventure by Adrien Van Viersen, BATMAN by Andy Fish and PIRATES OF MARS by JJ Kahrs and Veronica Fish!
Thursdays-- Jim Riel is telling a SECOND EPIC (does this guy sleep?) with DREAM SHADOW!
Fridays is Phantom Fridays as we run classic Phantom Strips from the 1940s!
Saturdays we alternate political strips by Jim Riel (see I told you he doesn't sleep) and Ted Van Looney Liew!
We also now run the weekly ratings for the strip which has proven extremely popular and of course don't forget CLASSIC SUPERMAN on Sundays!

Join us each and every day for exciting and fresh comic strip content-- and of course it's all FREE!
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