Tips for Productivity & Health

For many of you who have been with me for years you know that I often employ some strategies to stay productive and healthy-- hear they are again.

WORKING - Working Traditionally or Digitally;  You're sitting for long periods of time.  My Apple watch urges me to get up and stand for one minute every hour and that's something I follow.  But more so, I set 90 minute playlists, be they movies, music, old time radio-- whatever it is I'm using to entertain myself and I focus on that work for those 90 minutes.  No jumping online for a minute to look something up, no pulling reference material from my vast library-- just work.

WALKING - Then at the 90 minute mark I get up and walk, usually with the dog and it's at least 1/2 mile.  It takes about 15 minutes and then I down a full 8oz of water.  Good to note that I drink about 40 oz of water during a workday-- staying hydrated is critical to keep from getting leg and hand cramps.

Then it's back to work for another 90 minute session then repeat.  Minimum I work on a weekday is 9 hours but with breaks it usually equates to about 11.  I try very hard not to work at all on weekends, but I make exceptions when I'm on deadline or something is coming up.

SHUT OFF THE INTERNET - This is especially true if you're working digitally.  Close all browsers while you're working and resist the temptation to go online.  This is easier to do if you have all the browsers closed. 

Any reference you need or things you need to look up can be held until the break.

SNACKING-   I eat three solid meals a day-- breakfast is usually at 8,  lunch is around 230 and dinner is 730-8.  At the 4 O'Clock mark I take a coffee break and have a snack of almonds and raisins.  I don't eat at my drawing board it's too easy to make a mess and ruin a page.

EXERCISE- Everyone hates exercise when they're first starting out but after about three weeks of a regular routine you feel better and you actually look forward to it.  During those standing breaks I usually mix it up with situps, pushups or weights.

Sticking with all of these habits work for me.  Give it a try.

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