Some Changes Coming To UnderCoverFish

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UnderCoverFish is undergoing some minor changes--while we'll be running new cartoons from contemporary cartoonists  we'll also be featuring more vintage stuff-- coming up in a few weeks to replace PHANTOM PHRIDAYS will be FEAR FRIDAYS which will feature MULTI PAGE Horror Comics stories from the 1950s.

UnderCoverFish will also offer some tips for cartoonists as well as recommendations for institutions looking to offer a selection of finer comics and graphic novels to their attendees.  

WORKSHOPS- We've put a hold on them for 2020 and frankly we might be done with them.   While a lot of our favorite stops are always great fun they mean a full day out of the studio for us and we don't get much time off to begin with.   

We also want to encourage those of you who are working cartoonists to submit your work for possible inclusion in our lineup-- email if you're interested.

To all our readers-- stay with us, daily updates are coming again-- and we'll stay current!   We thank you for your time you spend with us each week.