"Wow! Your workshop was hugely successful! The patrons raved about it the next day and a repeat engagement has been requested. "

- Anne Cowman, YA Librarian, Manchester Public Library

"...thanks to you and Veronica for a great visit!  The students were all talking about it today – and I am guessing that our graphic novel collection will see a bump in circulation! Thanks again for a terrific visit,"

- Suzanne Larson, Bartlett High School Librarian

"I was at a library trustees meeting this a.m. and one of the board was commenting positively on our summer reading program activities. Her son had attended your cartooning workshop. He's a rather quiet sixth grader but he told his mom that the program 'changed my life.'" 

- Nancy Denman, Duxbury Library

 "I will highly recommend you to anyone. I was very impressed with both you and Veronica. The students were clearly engaged and learning a lot. I love your teaching style (you clearly have a ton of experience). Thanks so much."

- Liza Halley, Robbins Library, Arlington MA

"As always, he is forever grateful to you, Andy, for opening the door for him to the world of manga art! He says what he learned from you at the Bellingham Public Library series actually helped him with many other aspects/types of drawing and art. Know you make a positive difference!"

- Colleen Oliver,  Bellingham Library attendee Mom

"The kids had fun, were completely engaged and stayed in there drawing until we closed."

- Maija Meadows, Lower Mills Branch Library

"The kids loved it - our feedback forms were all "excellent."  When we build up the numbers of our monthly meetings we will be happy to have you and Veronica back!"

- Priscilla Crane, Thayer Public Library

"Easily one of our best programs, the students (all ages) were really into it!  Can't wait to have you guys back."

- Robin Brenner, Brookline Public Library, Author of NoflyingNotights.com