All comics appearing on the site are the sole property of the individual creators.  UCF makes no claim to any ownership-- we are also not responsible for comments, opinions or offenses these comics make-- also soley owned by their creators.

Contact our site administrator and ask him to send you a submission form- fill it out and send it back along with three (3) samples of your comics work and we will let you know if it fits our site.

PLEASE NOTE we are ONLY interested in single page per week style comics at this time-- see the comics we run right now to give you an idea of what we're looking for.

YOU MUST be able to commit to one page to run per week, nothing kills interest like late comics.  We'd suggest you work up several in advance (if you're accepted) to prevent this from becoming a problem.

WHAT DOES IT PAY? -- The site is not-for-profit so the pay is zip.   You'll get exposure and full ownership.  We will be printing a select few titles which will be negotiated with particular creators.

We offer comprehensive, educational and super fun workshops from kids to adults. Our workshops incorporate tips and techniques professional artists use everyday and relevant background and historical points, notwithstanding a few really lame jokes.

Workshops start with a short, introductory lecture on the history of comics (sometimes with a projector) and then we draw together using step-by-step instruction.


- dry erase markers (we will bring an easel if one isn't provided-- let us know in advance)

- visual materials like books + art pages


Listed with each workshop.


If you pay ON or BEFORE the day of the workshop we access a discount on the above listed prices.  Not having to track a payment saves us book-keeping fees so we pass it on to you and give you an incentive to pay promptly.

If you are booking consecutive sessions, or booking a same-day workshop with a neighboring library - we offer special rates and discounts. Contact us for details!

Dates fill quickly!  Please contact us today!

andy at undercoverfish dot com
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I need a blurb to describe the Workshop-- can you help?
Yes-- each WORKSHOP page description starts with a paragraph that can be cut and pasted into press releases or your monthly newsletter to help you explain what our workshop is all about.

Your workshop is more expensive than (fill in the blank)'s Workshop-- why?
Andy and Veronica are truly working artistic professionals.  With 20 years of freelance art and teaching experience between them, adults, university, teen levels, they bring knowledge and purpose to all their sessions.  

Besides being a very accomplished comic book artist, Veronica is a respected gallery painter as well.  Plus, finding a professional female artist can be very inspiring to young girls.  Her recent credits include ARCHIE, HOWARD THE DUCK and SILK (Marvel Comics).

We believe it is this quality and commitment to an understanding of all kinds of visual art, from comic books to contemporary galleries, has set us apart from others.

What do you need for your sessions?
We prefer a dry-erase board or pad of paper for demos.  If not available, we have a portable one.  

Are you sure you don't do workshops for kids under 11 years old?
Actually, due to popular demand we added a great kid's cartooning workshop for ages 7-12!  Woo!  [click here for info]

Where are you coming from?
We commute from Worcester, Mass.  

Where have you been?
All over! Check our MAP PAGE.

To Book a workshop or to inquire about adding an online comic strip to the site email