30 -40 min. AGES 13 - ADULT  $325

Lecture series are perfect to help get your audience understand the history and complex details of art, writing, manga, comic books and more.  Check back as we continue to offer more.  These work best if you have a projector and auditorium seating.  We bring all needed connector cables (we use a Mac).

NEW! History of HEROES Lecture! 
In depth lecture by Andy Fish on the history of the comic book and the importance and relevance of the super hero.  The superhero as we know it came to be in 1938 with the publication of Superman, but did you know Superman owes much of his origin story to Doc Savage and even Moses?  America was the first country to publish comic books-- they were a dime and larger than comics are today.  At their height of popularity during World War II sales where in the range of a half a billion copies.  Includes a display of comic books from the various era's of comics, The Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper Ages with a look at how certain characters evolved and remain with us today.

MANGA Lecture
Manga is here and it's here to stay.  No other art form both enthralls and confuses us more!  As parents we worry what our kids are reading, as kids we're fascinated to find out more about it!  Grouping Manga into one single category is akin to having a CD section and just calling it MUSIC-- there are so many different genres and age appropriate levels to Manga and this lecture will help you and your audience to understand it.

Manga is a mystery to many librarians and parents-- some of it is not appropriate for all ages or even teens.  This lecture unravels the mystery of Manga as well as gives you some guidance as to what to look out for.  Perfect for parents or librarians hoping to understand the genre.

Learn how creators from the beginning of American comic art dealt with, responded to and commented on their experiences with bullying. Super heroes were created as a reaction against bullies large and small; from Peter Parker's high school bully Flash, to Captain America vs. Adolf Hitler.

Comics, like Jazz and Rock n' Roll, are a uniquely American art form first created in the 1930s. This entertaining and informative lecture on the artform covers the history from The Yellow Kid up to Comics on the iPad today. Everything you need to know to get you up to speed on comics and make you an instant expert on the medium.

WORKING AS A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST - Career Guidance and Promotion
From understanding tax laws to keeping the electric bill paid there is a lot to being a professional artist. In this informally structured lecture Andy will cover all of the ups and downs he's faced over the years and offer advice as to how you can avoid some of the pitfalls he hit. He'll also discuss ways to market and promote yourself so that you can find and continue to find work.

ART SCHOOL PREP - Portfolio Ready
We'll cover all aspects of getting your portfolio ready as well as give insight into what art school is really like, what parents and students can expect during the year and after graduation.

Who knew those comics your Mom threw out would be worth money? This fun, informative and serious look at creating an investment portfolio in comics can give you returns you could never imagine.  You can benefit from BUYING the RIGHT comics and this informative lecture will give you specific examples of what to look for, where to start and how much is too much to pay. Buying the right comics are a guaranteed investment, find out what titles and issues have NEVER lost their value and continue to grow. We'll look at key issues, explain conditions and more!  An of WHIZ COMICS returned 3000% in less than five months-- try to get that rate at your local bank!