I usually send these emails out to the creators of the strips we run here on UCF but I thought since you readers are a big part of our team I'd just post it here.

UCF continues to grow readers as you can see each week when we post the Weekly Ratings and I think this is because we offer some really entertaining works 7 days a week.

Mondays we have Sally and Aria producing some great work-- Sally has been experimenting with formats and styles and Aria is building up her epic AURORA RIDGE-- the pacing and the storytelling in this is perfect Summer Reading and I am anxiously awaiting each new part.

Tuesdays is ruled by Riel as he continues to tell the nightmarish ANALYSIS OF EVIL-- Jim is up to episode 84 of this story!  EIGHTY FOUR!! << and I was shocked I made it to 26 episodes of my Batman strip.

Speaking of Batman, my own DEATH RAY OF HUGO STRANGE is coming to an end as I finally wrap up my homage to pulp novels and movie serials.   Next up will be another Batman related story but done in a different style and setting.

We've also got Adrien's terrific SUPERMAN strip running on Wednesdays-- the work is beautiful.

Thursdays it's back to Jim as he does his SECOND weekly comic strip DREAM SHADOW!  And that one is up to episode 75!  Does this guy sleep?  How can he do two weekly strips?  Ask him!

Miriam S presents BOOBS on Thursdays and her whimsical style has proven to be very popular (who doesn't like Boobs?).

Fridays we essentially close up the shop with CHARLIE CHAN which has ratings so bad it's negative numbers.  I'm not sure how that's possible but it is.  Charlie will continue to run through August so we can wrap up this first storyline and then we will likely see a return of The Phantom.

Saturdays Jim Riel alternates with Teddy Van Looney Liew on their demented left wing propaganda, I mean clever political strips poking fun at the guy in the White House.

Sundays brings us Classic Superman by Wayne Boring who is anything but-- and it's a fun strip taking us back to a simpler time.

We have some other things coming up in the near future which I can't talk about, but thanks to all the creators and the readers who stop by everyday.

-- Andy Fish
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